Wednesday, January 06, 2010


T and I made pretzels today.

I measured and he dumped ingredients into the bread maker. After the dough rose ("like the dough the little red hen made") we rolled it into snakes. Some of the shapes we made were more pretzel-like than others.

T brushed on the egg white glaze.

He then meticulously placed pieces of salt and poppy seeds.

I promised T we'd hear the timer, but he refused to budge from the oven while they baked.

The finished pretzels looked more like demented rolls,

but T couldn't have been prouder.


Courtney said...

as I have the shakes from way too much coffee, those pretzels look soooo good. Can we come over and have some? :) oh, if only we lived that close. and I had a car. sigh.

Jessica said...

Doesn't matter how they look, so long as they taste good. Looks like fun. Never thought of poppy seeds on pretzels before, good idea.