Tuesday, January 05, 2010

In a pinch

This morning T woke up feeling unwell.  I woke up with a budding migraine. I had a sinking feeling as we slogged through breakfast that the day had the potential for a lot of Unfun. I needed a plan that was simple and would partly immobilize T for at least an hour while my painkillers kicked in.

We launched the reading raft. We pushed the couches together and piled them high with quilts and pillows. We stocked the nearby table with lots of books and tea (for me). I pitched the idea that we could switch off reading stories to the teddy bear. He took the bait, and the reading raft kept him snuggled up and quiet for the entire morning.



Courtney said...

Oh! I want to go on the reading raft, it looks so cozy!! Such a good idea.

Kristen Anderson said...

you are such a good mom