Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tea geek

Kyle can vouch for the complete randomness of my OCD tendencies.  My spices are alphabetized and my yarn is arranged by color, while my clothes are in piles on the floor of my room and my papers are strewn about like we've been burgled. I have no idea why I feel compelled to seek extreme order in some parts of my life and can let other things slide into chaos.  My tea?  Is now organized.  It makes me happy.  It's much nicer than my previous storage method.

I made the labels for my bottles by modifying some nifty ones I found online.  Caffeinated tea has black labels, while herbal teas get green ones.

The new system must be leading me to drink more tea lately, because T's play has included more and more tea-brewing in his kitchen.  He is very kind and always offers to brew a cup for me as well.  In reality, he doesn't care for the stuff (although I've only let him try herbal teas). My current favorite pairing is black apricot tea and delicate almond sugar cookies.  Mmmmmm...  What's your favorite?


Courtney said...

I've always said I've wanted to become a tea drinker (I feel they are highly sophisticated people), but I just can't get into it. Perhaps during sewing camp you can show me the way. Oh, and I totally get the hyper-organization amidst the chaos, it is precisely how I live my life as well. We must be soul sisters.

rachel said...

Hmm...honey green tea and peace tea. I don't know what's in peace tea, but I think it has rice and green tea and it is FANTASTIC. (I don't drink it now, but I will soon enough.)

I have completely random ways of being organized, too. Even my piles of clothes are ordered...although not to the uninitiated. I do know where everything is. :)