Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Gourmet Chef (Christmas Crafting Reveal, Day 3)

I never formally learned how to sew beyond a sweatshirt I made in 7th grade home-ec.  I remember wearing the finished product, so it must have turned out with at least the correct number of arms and a neck-opening, but I haven't sewed much of anything since, and certainly nothing with formal help.

Still, I have an old sewing machine from my grandmother and I've always really loved the *idea* of sewing.  I just don't know what I'm doing beyond threading the needle.  I wing it.  Sometimes this works well, and sometimes I bury the result in the backyard while no one is watching.

One of T's favorite activities is playing with his kitchen, so I really wanted him to have an apron of his own.  I made a pattern by having him hold a piece of newspaper under his chin while I drew the rough outline of a T-sized apron on it.  He didn't ask why he was holding newspaper under his chin, so no surprises were ruined.

I cut it out, traced it onto fabric, and sewed all the edges over.  I added a pocket across the bottom and sewed on some straps.  If you inspect the wonky lines of stitches, you wouldn't award me any prizes, but T gives it a stamp of approval.  Once he gets it on, he doesn't want to take it off.

The other kitchen-related item I made was noodles to put in a mini colander that I just wanted an excuse to buy.  This was the easiest thing in the whole world to make:  Hold felt in left hand, cut in strips with right.  The end.  Now we've been eating lots of spaghetti around here lately.

Stick around - tomorrow I talk sticks.

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Jessica said...

I can't sew anything, so I'm always impressed by sewing crafts. My sister, who can sew, made me beautiful felt food for Christmas. Looks like I'll be able to add to it with noodles. Perfect!