Friday, December 18, 2009

Cookie love

My true purpose in posting is to stealthily catch up to Kyle's blog, ultimately surpassing him in number of posts and thereby earning bragging rights.

I asked T to entertain Kyle for the day so I could make Christmas cookies with my family.
12 hours, 6 pounds of butter, and many laughs later, we had about 750 cookies.
Please don't tell me how many calories I drove home tonight in neatly packaged tins.
Poor Kyle the family traditionally makes very few varieties without nuts.  I don't really sweat it, since it means more for T and I, and that is the *true* spirit of Christmas, right?

OK, then.  139 posts to go.


1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Robin, you are a gifted photographer!! I love these pics, and of course the ones of T! Beautiful!!
What a wonderful tradition to bake all together as a family! I think this may be one I try to steal for our family...