Monday, December 14, 2009

Candy, candy, candy

There is altogether too much sugar in T's life right now:

We made our traditional stained glass candy again with family.

T actually didn't get to eat any because he doesn't get the whole hard candy concept yet, but I think he inhaled enough powdered sugar to fuel him for a few weeks.  He also enjoyed (and tuckered out) the company.

After breathing 12 pounds of sugar into his system, T received his first candy canes when he met Santa.  He wasn't too sure about the whole thing, although at home he talks big about wanting Santa to visit and bring him "3 fire trucks".

T also gets to open a door of his advent calendar each day.  Behind every door is a piece of chocolate and a small treat like a magnet or finger puppet.  He is awfully excited about starting each day with a piece of chocolate.  So excited, in fact, we probably could have skipped the little toys.  But then I'd miss out on things like T begging me to look up exactly which tropical bird he got.  (One was a quetzal.  Ever hear a 2 year old running around yelling, "WHERE'S MY QUETZAL?  WHERE'S MY QUETZAL?"  Funny stuff.)

And today, T got to decorate gingerbread houses with some little friends.  He enjoyed that very much.  To be perfectly honest, I ate more candy than he did.  Poor kid mostly listened to me today when I asked him to keep the candy on his house instead of in his mouth.  What was he thinking!?

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Courtney said...

Next year I'm going the candy advent calendar route. The activity calendar has gotten mixed reviews. Yesterday the activity was supposed to be "make presents for friends" and she was like "presents for Piya?!" and I'm like, "no, for your friends" and at that point she totally lost interest. Candy would be much better received!