Sunday, November 08, 2009

An obscene number of pictures because I'm trying to crash my mother-in-law's computer

Someone I shouldn't name (hmm...too late - guess she's in the post title) has lodged multiple formal and obnoxious complaints about the lack of recent blog activity. I left my camera at my parents' house after Halloween, so those pictures will have to wait, but to fry her little dial-up connection appease her, I offer these recent and not-so-recent pictures.

We had Thanksgiving with Kyle's dad's side of the family this weekend because they're busy slaughtering deer on actual Thanksgiving.  T learned to check the oil, kick the tires, fill up with gas, and wash the windshield of his grandpa's Mustang.  That's a lot more than we do with our car, so we're going to have to start putting him to work around here.

We also took a trip to the park.  Yes, I cut off T's head.  I didn't know Kyle would launch him so high.

A few weeks ago we were near the Twin Cities visiting Kyle's mom.  We had fun at the zoo, the kid's museum, and the conservatory.

T has a love-hate relationship with monkeys (ok yes, I know it's actually a gorilla).

At the kid's museum, T couldn't decide if he wants to be a fire fighter or a freight-shipper.  But one thing is for sure - from the looks of the cart he filled up at the market, he's embracing a vegetarian diet.

My favorite place to visit was the conservatory.

For good measure, here are some pictures I took while playing with my new camera.

Note to Charlene:  was that enough, or shall I post a video that will take 12 years to download?  Heh heh heh.  Be careful what you wish for...  =P

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