Sunday, November 08, 2009

An obscene number of pictures because I'm trying to crash my mother-in-law's computer

Someone I shouldn't name (hmm...too late - guess she's in the post title) has lodged multiple formal and obnoxious complaints about the lack of recent blog activity. I left my camera at my parents' house after Halloween, so those pictures will have to wait, but to fry her little dial-up connection appease her, I offer these recent and not-so-recent pictures.

We had Thanksgiving with Kyle's dad's side of the family this weekend because they're busy slaughtering deer on actual Thanksgiving.  T learned to check the oil, kick the tires, fill up with gas, and wash the windshield of his grandpa's Mustang.  That's a lot more than we do with our car, so we're going to have to start putting him to work around here.

We also took a trip to the park.  Yes, I cut off T's head.  I didn't know Kyle would launch him so high.

A few weeks ago we were near the Twin Cities visiting Kyle's mom.  We had fun at the zoo, the kid's museum, and the conservatory.

T has a love-hate relationship with monkeys (ok yes, I know it's actually a gorilla).

At the kid's museum, T couldn't decide if he wants to be a fire fighter or a freight-shipper.  But one thing is for sure - from the looks of the cart he filled up at the market, he's embracing a vegetarian diet.

My favorite place to visit was the conservatory.

For good measure, here are some pictures I took while playing with my new camera.

Note to Charlene:  was that enough, or shall I post a video that will take 12 years to download?  Heh heh heh.  Be careful what you wish for...  =P

Tupperware in the woods

Today felt like a beautiful September day, so instead of wasting it inside with all the tedious chores stacked up around the house, we dusted off the GPS and had a successful day of geocaching.

If you've never heard of this activity, it involves using a GPS to find hidden "caches". A cache could be as big as an ammo box or as small as an acorn that someone has hidden and left coordinates for on a central website. We download the coordinates to our GPS and search for the cache.  Once we find it, we sign the piece of paper (or notebook) in the cache to confirm our find. Most caches are free, although a few require (inexpensive) membership to the website.  If you have a GPS, the hobby really only costs you gas and the time you'll lose as you push to find just one more.

When we started geocaching, we were amazed to discover that caches are hidden everywhere. There are currently 47 active caches within 5 miles of our house.  Searching for caches makes you look at an area differently, and often takes you to places you've never been.  We've discovered many hidden gems in the cities around us, and always enjoying seeking a cache or 2 when we visit a new place.  I can't wait to search for some the next time we go to Thailand!

This weekend we finished up an awesome series of caches along a trail. These caches were more creative than most, and T loved finding them. Geocaching in the fall is so fun because the bugs are dead so we're not at serious risk of death by blood loss, and the leaves are down so our GPS gets clearer signals in the woods. I wish every weekend were as beautiful as this one!

Spoiled rotten

I got an awesome and totally unexpected birthday present that I've been playing with for a couple of days now. I need to take a photography class to really learn how to use my new camera, but I'm reading the manual and fiddling with settings to manipulate images. Poor Kyle and T just wanted to geocache along a trail today and I kept stopping to shoot pictures. Because everyone wants a picture of berries, right? They may live to regret their generous gift.