Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Where we are

T has a lot of girlfriends  friends and family spread across the state that he calls and visits.  To help him wrap his little brain around where his loved ones live and where we're headed, I taped a map of Wisconsin to the side of the refrigerator:

I covered the whole map with clear packing tape to keep T from peeling it off and allow us to shuffle people around if they move.

I used a photo editor to make 1" square of head shots of T's friends and family and "laminated" them with clear packing tape.  We taped them on the map together.

Now T runs to the map to see how far away Grandma is when they chat on the phone, or just how far the drive to Grandpa's house will be.

He's already learning where to look on the map for specific people and is starting to remember the associated city.  I'm thinking that on a rainy day, it will be fun to "drop" everybody in Lake Michigan to see who can swim.

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Pink1 said...

what an awesome idea! I wish my mom/or a teacher thought of this one; maybe I would have a better sense of direction. At least I can call T when I get lost :)