Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Summer Recap

I'm not working anymore (woo hoo!) so I *might* have time to resurect my much-neglected blog.

Here's a quick recap of our fun summer in pictures, because no one wants to read old news:

Clint and Brienne's wedding

The 4th of July

A week at family camp

T learned to ride his "bike"

Rock County Fair

Wisconsin State Fair

I knit a baby sweater

T learned to somersault

We registered T's adoption at the Thai consulate in Chicago

Thai American Association Picnic

Lots of Geocaching, including our 100th find

A fun camping trip where we forgot to take a single picture

Grandma's birthday party

T potty trained himself. NO MORE DIAPER LAUNDRY!!!

This summer did NOT include wasting time weeding our garden. Clearly.

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