Saturday, September 19, 2009

Repurposed potatoes

Now that I am unemployed, I get to eat dinner with my family on a regular basis.  Kyle can't make it back for dinner every night, but he's here more than half the week.  For me, this is a vast improvement in society and a slight improvement in fare.  When I worked second shift, I ate dinner by myself in a dingy room.  I sometimes had the company of another second shifter, but there were only 3 of us in the whole plant, so often I ate alone.  What I ate was microwaved leftovers from what my boys had eaten for dinner the night before.  I'm sure it was all delicious initially, but some things just don't reheat well, and the crusties in that old microwave could impart a peculiar flavor.

Since I am now home all day, the responsibility for meal planning and cooking is on my hesitant shoulders.  I never took the lead on this in the past, even when I wasn't working nights.  Kyle's a good cook, and a less lazy better planner.  I've enjoyed the first few weeks of reading cookbooks to find fun new dishes to try.  Kyle and T have obligingly eaten my sweet potato quesadillas, veggie quiche, Moroccan stew, and tofu burritos (can you tell we're dabbling with vegetarian cooking?).

In my first week of cooking dinner, I discovered some random ingredients in the house that had no immediate purpose to me.  Kyle had bought them with meals in mind, but those meals never materialized before I took over, and by the time I asked him "Why do we have broccoli, 2 potatoes, and lemming fat?", he'd forgotten what dishes he'd intended them for.  So T got to make some potato print art.  He was way into it, and he feels strongly that it's the only way (apart from fries) to use a potato.  On further consideration, I should have let him stamp with the broccoli as well.  That would have looked really cool.  I'm going to use the lemming fat to make a new line of soap.  It will get you as clean as everybody else.


Anonymous said...

you are a funny writer Robin, I enjoy your posts so much! Maybe you should share some of those delicious sounding recipes, especially the sweet potatoe quesadilla's ;)

Anonymous said...

ooops! I forgot to leave my name and I have forgotten my google passwod again!
the post above was from me - Sharon - AkA - Ex and Wee's Mama.

Glen and Andrea said...

HI, I'm enjoying your posts recently, they've been fun! I forgot all about potato prints. I'm struggling to remember all these imaginative things I can be doing with Hugo. He makes my imagination tired!