Thursday, July 23, 2009

Blogging because I don't Twitter

T is happily proclaiming, "T drive you nuts!  T drive you nuts!  T drive you nuts!"

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Getting my knitting groove back

I haven't really knit much of anything in the past year. I think I knit a pair of arm warmers while on my trip to NYC and that's about it. T is an active little critter and between watching him all day and working full-time each night, I have roughly negative 12 minutes of free time each week. I *miss* knitting. And then my sister cleared out her stash and gifted me a huge box of lovely yarn full of possibility (because, ya know, my current yarn stash is so inadequate - it's only twice my body weight).

The box of yarn sat on my dining room table for a full week while I contemplated how I was going to justify keeping it if I didn't ever actually *knit* anything. The spark that finally moved me to action was that one of my dearest friends had a little one this summer and I wanted to knit him something. I hadn't started a project yet, knowing my propensity for procrastination (as in, I've started projects for many other dear friends' little ones - projects which are now still languishing on needles while their kids have long since outgrown whatever I was making - sorry everyone - I really stink!)

So I decided to cast on a sweater for the little peanut and do my very best to actually finish it before he's 5. I like the yarn, I like the pattern (mostly) and I'm almost finished with it already! I can't post a picture of it until I give it to his Mama but I only have half a collar and button bands left. I think I can do it - but I just heard he's gaining an ounce a day, so the pressure is really on!

And how have I managed this sudden feat of knitting productivity, one might wonder? T is suddenly interested in "knitting" with me. I give him a small tangle of yarn and 2 needles and he jabs those needles into that yarn over and over and over and over, declaring he's knitting, with a big grin on his face. Incredibly, this keeps him content for up to an hour at a time. He also really loves to rub yarn on his cheeks to feel how soft it is. He's already learned that wool is from sheep and cotton is not.