Saturday, January 03, 2009

NYC or bust

Kyle's mom is taking care or T so I can gallivant for a few days next week. I'm off to New York to watch my sis teach Martha Stewart how to make our shadow puppets! I'm not sure if I'm more excited about getting to see New York, or the fact that I am not the one with the pressure of the live taping of a national show. Although I heard a rumor Martha will ask me a question or two, I can relax in the audience for the duration. I'm really along for moral support and, well, because it's New York, and I've never been there.

Wait - were you paying attention?!? Martha Stewart's "people" liked our puppets enough to invite us on the show! WOO HOO!!

Watch for us on the Martha Stewart show airing January 12th.


Glen and Andrea said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Thats amazing! Congratulations - make sure you have lots of copies on DVD. We get 'Martha' here now too but it's not up to date or in order so I'll have to watch it online. Do you know when it might be online?

Wow - that is once in a lifetime stuff... you and your sister on INTERNATIONAL TV. What are you going to wear? Will this be your first time leaving T?


Robin and Kyle said...

Thanks Andrea. We should be on her website Monday. The promo is already up - you can see my sister for 0.2 seconds. =)
This was my first time leaving T (exculding one night I slept at my sister's while we were frantically making puppets).