Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Rock River Thresheree

We attended the Rock River Thresheree over the weekend. It was interesting to see nineteen bazillion tractors, and steam engines running everything a steam engine can run. (Including a sawmill, blacksmith shop, woodworker's shop, train, calliope, pile driver, water pump, ice-cream-churner, and most importantly, aluminum can crusher.) We also saw oats being threshed, or course. My favorite was seeing sorghum smushed (my verb, not theirs) and boiled down into syrup. We brought a jar of it home and I'm cooking up some tasty granola with it right now. Yum!
Hay baling.

The sawmill was rather terrifying.

Obligatory photo in front of a Ford tractor with Grandpa Glen. (Too bad there weren't any Honda's!)

Dulcimer and mandolin

With all the noise and smoke, this was not the ideal place for T to catch his morning nap. I'm impressed he managed to sneak in 20 minutes of unconsciuosness.

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