Friday, September 26, 2008

Wicked fun

Spooky new Halloween puppets are up at our Etsy shop.  Here's a picture of one of the 4 new sets.  There's enough puppets to scare all your friends and neighbors.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Accidental Thai Hat

I accidentally knit a Thai hat for T. It reminds me of the hats traditional Khon dancers wear, and of chedis (stupas) at Thai temples.
I intended to just knit a plain hat with earflaps. Then I decided to add stripes. Then I thought a pointy top would look cute. After I wove in all the ends, I thought, where have I seen this before?

Hat details on Ravelry (which, by the way, I somehow managed to avoid joining until last week and now I am hooked. How in the world did I not realize what I was missing? Free patterns all together and easily searchable? People trading stash yarn? Photographs and comments from a zillion other knitters who've already slogged through the patterns I'm considering? I'm in heaven!)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Puppet invasion

It's pretty cool to see our shadow puppets mentioned on other blogs.
Here are a few:


3 dainty delights
Things we like
Fancy island

And an artist "spotlighted" on Etsy listed us as a "favorite artist to promote". We're flattered!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Belle's Stratagem

Yesterday we took our annual pilgrimage to outdoor American Players Theater. The play - The Belle's Stratagem - was written by female playwright Hannah Cowley in1780. It was fantastic and we were laughing through the whole production.

Nearly as funny as the witty performance was the high school drama group sitting to our left. At intermission, one kid asked in exasperation, "Does anybody know what's going on?" I thought he should have been required to relinquish his "Drama Geek and Proud Of It" t-shirt. Another student started to explain the plot and soon had the whole flock bunched close around her, hanging on her every word. It made me slightly worried about the state of their educations if self-proclaimed drama geeks couldn't follow the play. It wasn't really that complicated.

Soon all the kids were up to speed and the second half of the play began. Armed with knowledge of "what's going on", the high school group was much more engaged. They let their amusement at the wit of the play be plainly known to everyone. I found myself thinking that this must have been what theater was like centuries ago with the unruly "yard" standing up front. Every witty remark got extra laughter from the kid section. Every time a character delivered a sweet, sappy line, the whole section would sincerely sigh, "awwww...". And when a character would give someone their due, there was loud whooping of approval. It was incredibly amusing for those of us sitting near them. I had tears in my eyes from laughing. It made me wonder if people shouldn't be a little more interactive with their theater and treat plays like rock concerts. I bet the actors wouldn't mind at all.

We also stopped at a small petting zoo of sorts and Meredith fed some deer, llamas, wallabies and goats.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Top Secret Project

A representative from a national show contacted my sister and I about the possibility of presenting our Orange Moon Toys shadow puppets on television. Yikes! Frantic scramblings of preparations are underway. More information to follow if we're successful. Wish us luck!

Rock River Thresheree

We attended the Rock River Thresheree over the weekend. It was interesting to see nineteen bazillion tractors, and steam engines running everything a steam engine can run. (Including a sawmill, blacksmith shop, woodworker's shop, train, calliope, pile driver, water pump, ice-cream-churner, and most importantly, aluminum can crusher.) We also saw oats being threshed, or course. My favorite was seeing sorghum smushed (my verb, not theirs) and boiled down into syrup. We brought a jar of it home and I'm cooking up some tasty granola with it right now. Yum!
Hay baling.

The sawmill was rather terrifying.

Obligatory photo in front of a Ford tractor with Grandpa Glen. (Too bad there weren't any Honda's!)

Dulcimer and mandolin

With all the noise and smoke, this was not the ideal place for T to catch his morning nap. I'm impressed he managed to sneak in 20 minutes of unconsciuosness.