Monday, April 14, 2008

Poor timing

My sister and I have been working on starting a little business for the last few months, and now we're finally up and running. We are selling homemade shadow puppets on Etsy. We named our store Orange Moon Toys, after the glowing orange moon during an eclipse (the coolest shadow ever). Photos of all the individual puppets and sets are on our new website. The neatest thing is that Meredith found a way to make puppets that cast colored shadows. Super fun. Really. I even took a squid to work to play with (shh...don't tell!).

It was so much fun to get everything planned and organized. (Perhaps Meredith would say it was slightly less fun, as she had much more work to do, being the actual artist.) The problem is this: We have a billion cool ideas for new sets we want to create, as well as other things we want to design and sell. But we should have started this last year. I suddenly have a wonderfully full plate.

Lucky for me, I think Meredith realized this would happen. I'll still pitch in when I can.

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