Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Hot Air Affair

We were in Hudson, WI last weekend (near Minneapolis/St. Paul) and attended the Hot Air Affair parade Friday night. Hot air balloon baskets on the backs of trucks and vans parade down the street in the dark, turning on their burners to light up the downtown. Everyone was in Mardi Gras costume and there was much merriment despite the cold. It was amazing how warm it felt on my face while the burners were turned on. The pictures don't do the parade justice - it was really cool to see 3 or 4 balloons with their burners on at a time. The video gives more of a taste of what it was like. I'm not sure if the balloons got to fly last weekend or if the weather prevented a launch, but the parade sure was fun! The only time Kyle and I have been in a balloon was a sweltering summer day. I kind of like the idea of taking a ride in the winter.

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