Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I'm in Baltimore for the first time to attend a conference for work, and I wish I was here on vacation instead. Of course, I forgot to bring the cord that connects my camera to my laptop, so I can't post any pictures yet. (This one has been "borrowed" from a fellow visitor to Baltimore. Forgive me!)

The conference was interesting, but far cooler is the city of Baltimore. I've gotten a chance to walk around a bit, and I love the Mt. Vernon neighborhood pictured at left. I persuaded my co-worker to try a Thai restaurant - Thai Landing - on the street pictured that was highly recommended online. We were not disappointed. It was delicious, and the fist time I've had scallops prepared in a Thai dish. Mmmm....

The inner harbor area is pretty sweet, too, and also within walking distance of our hotel. We met an amazingly helpful gentleman who was being dive-bombed by pigeons as he gave us a map (very useful), info on how to use the water taxi (which we didn't use yet - maybe tomorrow), and a recommendation to walk over to the Little Italy neighborhood for dinner (which we did). The pigeons were after his Cheetos, which he apparently feeds to them while he hangs out along the water all day. He was wearing a jacket with an official-ish looking patch and we thought he perhaps works for the city to help tourists. He was really nice and helpful, whoever he was. Even if I was in constant fear of seagull poop splashing my head for the entire conversation.

For some unknown reason, our company arranged our flight home for late tomorrow evening although the conference ended today. In the morning, we plan to climb the 228 steps of the Washington Monument (pictured above) to get a good view of the city, and then spend the rest of our time at the National Aquarium. I hope to have some fishy pictures to post once I'm back home. Baltimore is a wonderful city to visit. It goes without saying I wish Kyle was here with me. Well, I guess not, actually, since I just said it.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Glove bear and rabbit

With easy instruction from my Sock and Glove book, I sewed a bear and rabbit from a couple pairs of gloves. The animals in this book are all pretty cute, and I can finish a glove creature while watching a (longish) movie. My favorite is still the sock elephant.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Hot Air Affair

We were in Hudson, WI last weekend (near Minneapolis/St. Paul) and attended the Hot Air Affair parade Friday night. Hot air balloon baskets on the backs of trucks and vans parade down the street in the dark, turning on their burners to light up the downtown. Everyone was in Mardi Gras costume and there was much merriment despite the cold. It was amazing how warm it felt on my face while the burners were turned on. The pictures don't do the parade justice - it was really cool to see 3 or 4 balloons with their burners on at a time. The video gives more of a taste of what it was like. I'm not sure if the balloons got to fly last weekend or if the weather prevented a launch, but the parade sure was fun! The only time Kyle and I have been in a balloon was a sweltering summer day. I kind of like the idea of taking a ride in the winter.