Sunday, December 30, 2007

Another new hobby?

I had a hard time finding cute (or any) t-shirts in Wisconsin in December to send to tropical Thailand for T. So I ordered a bunch of cheap ones online and discovered how fun and easy it is to decorate them using freezer paper stencils. (I first spent a night cursing while trying to embellish with embroidery - forget that - this is so much easier!)

Using an on-line Thai-English dictionary, I found a short Thai word meaning "dear, beloved". I drew a heart beneath it and traced it onto the paper side of Freezer Paper. I cut out the design with an x-acto knife, saving the little circles and crescent inside the text.

I ironed the stencil on the t-shirt (shiny-side down). Then I placed the little circles and crescent into place and ironed them down as well.

With fabric paint, I brushed paint gently onto the shirt, trying to dab it down into the fabric.

Because I'm impatient, I used a hair drier to speed the drying (the bottle says wait 24 hours - yeah, right!) and removed the stencil. After if dries a bit more I'll set the paint with an iron.

I just wish I could take it over to him myself, right now!

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