Saturday, October 27, 2007

Procrastinating again

I have a baby shower to attend next weekend, so when did I start considering what I might knit? Yesterday, of course. Never fear, I have a Plan:
  • Friday: knit front of sweater
  • Saturday: knit back of sweater
  • Sunday: knit sleeve #1
  • Monday: knit sleeve #2
  • Tuesday: sew seems and block
  • Thursday: knit entire sweater because I failed to meet objectives Saturday through Tuesday
  • Friday: panic that sweater will never dry by Saturday morning
  • Saturday: run out to store to buy a baby sweater

1 comment:

Glen and Andrea said...

You remind me of someone...Oh that's right , ME!! I have done this before, and once decided to knit a pair of bootees for a gift that I needed that night and started them in the afternoon. We were about an hour late to go out because I HAD to get them done. Can you a do a daily update on your following of the list?