Monday, October 29, 2007

One skein and one sleeve

I truly though nothing could top yesterday's knitting debacle. Today Kyle was kind enough to agree to pick up my additional ball of yarn, as my hours wouldn't allow me to get there before they closed. He took the ball band from the yarn I bought Friday to show the store owner. Wouldn't you know it, in 60 hours, the store managed to sell every last ball in my dye lot. Of course! Kyle called me at work and I couldn't believe it. I just about told him to forget it, I was ripping out the whole thing and knitting a hat. But I thought it couldn't hurt to at least look at the different lots next to each other. It could be worse. The new lot is a bit brighter, but I can knit both sleeves with it, and I don't think the difference between the body and the sleeves will be that noticeable.

So, tonight I reknit the top and shoulders of the sweater, bound off (again), and knit one sleeve. And I stayed up far too late to do so, but I'll never get it blocking in time otherwise. I hope to block it tomorrow before bed and think very dry thoughts. Barring any new catastrophes, that is. Wish me luck!

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