Friday, October 19, 2007

Madison and Library Knitting

I'm falling behind in posting, thanks to a busy week of work, play, and having the flu. On Kyle's birthday we met Jason and Michelle in Madison for a great day just bumming around. We got turned around in the capitol building while searching for the observation deck, and theorized that the confusing passageways could be to blame for our state's lawmakers failing to pass a budget (now something like 112 days pathetically overdue). Our elected officials are aimlessly wandering the halls, unable to determine how to get to meetings and the assembly hall. One is so desperately lost, he's given up trying to escape and is living in his office.

Sunday I tried out the knitting group at our local library. I took along my blanket, which is progressing slowly because it is going to be huge. They were a small but friendly bunch, and I'll probably go back again. They are also members of the Walworth county knitting guild and invited me to join them. I'd love to, but I'm not sure if now is a good time to join another group that will require time away from home. But it was nice to escape the football on TV for a few hours. Kyle doesn't watch very often, so I shouldn't complain. I just don't know how anyone can stand to listen to those idiot commentators for more than 10 minutes without stabbing their ears with a knitting needle.

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