Sunday, September 23, 2007

Dominoes and Matchbox Cars

We stopped by Jason's new place Saturday and it's very charming inside. He and Michelle taught us how to play Mexican Train Dominoes. Damn the pigeon toe! Michelle was the big winner.

We used Jason's old matchbox cars to mark when our "trains" were open. I think we had just as much fun playing with the cars after we were finished with the game. I may not have been too interested in them when I was little, but I sure have fun smashing them into each other at age, ahem, 29. Michelle and I wanted to build ramps and jumps. (I wanted to send the thermal-color-change car through a burning toilet paper roll for some drama, but the boys said "no".)


TracyMcGal said...

We love "mexican train". It is very serious business when our family plays. Hopefully we might be able to play at the Thai reunion in '09. I will have to sharpen my skills. :)

Robin and Kyle said...

That sounds like a challenge! We'll be practicing! =)