Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bulldozer Alert Level Orange

While generally tidy, I have a tendency to leave piles of clothes on the floor of my room. There is an organizational system in these piles. Some are still clean, some have been worn only once, and some are dirty. My room has therefore always appeared messy to the outsider who is unaware of my "system".

While living with my Grandmother, for example, my uncle stopped by the house, and finding neither of us home, almost called the police to report a burglary when he saw the state of my bedroom until he realized mine was the only room "ransacked".

Kyle does not appreciate the piles of clothes, but we've established an arrangement where he tolerates them as long as they remain on my half of the room. When they start to encroach on his side, he has the right to "bulldoze" them back over to my side. I really don't like this, as my piles become disorganized. So Kyle has arranged a bulldozer alert level that acts as a warning system to let me know my piles are getting close to destruction. Today was frightening, and we were at level Orange for almost 18 hours. It's a record to be that high for so long without advancing to red. I had to break down and spend some time putting things away, but as of right now, I'm at level Green (Low), while Kyle is actually worse, at level Blue (Gaurded). That might be a first!

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