Friday, July 20, 2007


Kelly, our Chinese exchange student, arrived this week. In 99% of the ways this can be examined, it's a positive, wonderful thing. In one way, it's terrible. Kyle drives her and another student home from class each afternoon. Kyle's Ford Ranger seats only two people. Kyle stole my car.

That left me driving the manual transmission Ranger. I don't drive vehicles with manual transmissions.

Stats for the last 72 hours:
# of times I've killed the engine: 5
# of times I drove 2 blocks with the parking brake on: 1
# of pedestrians who have turned around to look at me funny: 2
# of times I've stalled while parking at work (who builds a parking lot with a damn incline into each space?): 3
# of contractors at work who have laughed at me trying to park: 7

I'm now trying to time arriving and departing work so that there are no witnesses. I have developed other coping mechanisms, too. To enter the interstate, I need to make a left turn at a (sometimes) busy intersection on a steep hill. If the light is red or there's oncoming traffic, I have learned that I can instead turn RIGHT without stopping, circle around a (flat) parking lot, and then hit the intersection straight on. No turning. No hills. This prevents me from rolling a half mile backwards into any and all obstacles while I fail to get the truck into first gear. Woo hoo.

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Jason said...

I think you and Michelle should think about doing a week-long "stick retreat" together-- just go everywhere together with only the truck or my car to choose from, Kyle and I can go up north fishing or whatever it is regular men do on vacations. By the time we get back, you'll both be experts.