Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Last weekend we were fortunate to be invited to Brienne's cabin in northern Wisconsin. We saw lots of great wildlife, played lawn games, drank some beer, paddled around the lake, and fed the mosquitoes around a campfire. Unfortunately, I am wholly UNcoordinated, so whichever person was on my team for the various games we played (bean bag, ladder golf) was destined to lose. We kept mixing up the pairs so that no one was stuck with me the whole time. I was equally bad at croquet but at least then I didn't bring anyone down with me. I warned everyone that next time I'm bringing word games like Boggle and Scrabble so I can kick their butts! =) We visited Copper Falls State Park to see lots of amazing waterfalls. (Dad's first questions is always, "Could I run them in a kayak?", and No, Dad, you couldn't!) We had gorgeous weather and great company (Kyle's brother Clint and his girlfriend Brienne). Kyle stole the best pictures for Punkin's blog, but here are a few from the trip. It's hard to return to work after such a relaxing weekend.

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