Sunday, April 29, 2007

Biking on Glacial Drumlin Trail

Kyle blew my socks off this weekend by spon- taneously suggesting we go biking. The Glacial Drumlin trail between Jefferson and Lake Mills was more beautiful than I expected, crossing several rivers (see Kyle's blog) and going through both rural farm fields and wooded sections filled with wild flowers. The trail is easy to pedal because it's on a converted old rail line. It's almost completely flat, and if not for my sore butt, I could have gone all day.

At one point, I saw a largish dark animal scurry across the trail ahead of us. He disappeared into a hole about 8 inches in diameter. My guess is

that it was a badger or woodchuck, but Kyle didn't want to wait for him to come back out, so it will forever remain a mystery.

We even came across a patch of trilliums, which are a wildflower native to Wisconsin that is becoming increasingly rare. I remember learning from my 1st grade teacher that trilliums will die if you pick their flowers. I don't ever remember seeing them in the wild before, so that was pretty neat.

We had such a great time, we are going to try to get the bikes or the canoe out each weekend we're home this summer, assuming there's good weather. Today may have been the best day of the summer. I hope you all got outside to enjoy it!


In my last post I swore to finish a knitting project before starting another, but, of course, I can't resist new yarn. Last Saturday, I started knitting a baby blanket with machine-washable cotton in lots of bright colors. The pattern is from Mason-Dixon knitting, and I really love it. It doesn't take a lot of thought, so I can knit easily at work (during lunch), in the car, and while watching Lost. I have quite a way to go, but it's going much faster than I intended. Initially, I thought it would take me a year, and that it'd be a good distraction while waiting for things to happen on the adoption front. But since it's a baby blanket, I am too excited knitting it to put it down, and I think I'll have it finished in a month or so unless I make an effort to slow down. Oh well. Then I can go back to the scarf I'm neglecting. Oh - and isn't the dandelion fetching?

Saturday, April 21, 2007


Here's one of the many projects I currently have on my needles. Because I have KADD (Knitting Attention Deficit Disorder), I made a deal with myself to complete at least one project before I start a new one. If I can follow my self-imposed rule I should, in theory, never have more than 18 UFOs (that's UnFinished Objects for you non-knitters) at once.
I'm actually getting close to finishing this scarf, and I really love it. It's a fun pattern to knit. It's from Scarf Style. The pattern calls for using a bigger gauge mohair, but I like the smaller yarn on smaller needles, and mohair would hide a lot of the beautiful pattern. This color-way is also one of the favorites I've ever worked with. The yarn is Koigu merino.
My friend Becky is knitting this same scarf using a bulky mohair, and hers is also turning out quite well, although it looks, obviously, much different. I think she'll be much warmer than I will. Since it's now finally warming up in Wisconsin, I won't get to wear this for, oh, maybe 3 months (that's Wisconsin humor for you non-Midwesterners). But I still want desperately to finish it, because the next project I want to start is a baby blanket. I have some soft cotton and picked out a pattern I'd like to try that involves lots of asymmetrical squares knit together. It looks like fun, and a great way to pass the time while waiting for our adoption.
Oh, yeah. Maybe I forgot to mention our adoption. WE'RE ADOPTING A LITTLE ONE FROM THAILAND!!! Can you tell I'm excited? Kyle's quite excited too. Even though we have a long long time to wait. So, we started a blog to follow our adoption process. That way, we can keep all the adoption information in one place and not bore those of you who don't really care to read about the many ways we try to pass the time waiting. So, take a look at this blog if you care to follow all the boring details.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


I told Kyle I am refusing to participate in winter anymore. So I'm not posting any pictures of the snow covering our backyard, freezing our flowers as they try to push out of the ground. Instead, I'm posting a picture of the lovely spring I experienced last year while in Turkey. The Turkish know how to celebrate spring. Just look at those blossoms. I think I'm going back.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Flower girls always steal the show

More wedding pictures

Sarah lit the luminaries for Julia to walk into the auditorium.

Kyle said the cake was delicious - I forgot to try some. Doh!

Julia, Kyle, and Becky do the Chicken Dance.

Rich and Jennifer

Me, Julia, and Becky

Becky, John, and Julia

Julia and Brent run through bubbles to their waiting limo.


Our friends Julia and Brent were married yesterday and we had a great time at their wedding. They talked Becky and I into taking their pictures, and I was super nervous they wouldn't turn out. I shouldn't have worried so much - Becky was an amazing people pusher and was most excellent at bullying people into poses for the formals. The wedding was at the Masonic Temple in Madison, and we only had 23 minutes to take formal pics before the Masons descended on the auditorium to set up for their Easter service. Without Becky, we never would have finished.

The reception was fun - Kyle pointed out that it was like a work gathering with so many Chr. Hansen current and former employees. Sarah, Becky, Julia, and John did an impressive Electric Slide. I got to Polka (Becky said I'm not very good). Of course, we all did the Chicken Dance.

At the end of the night, Julia surprised Brent with a quick getaway through a cloud of bubbles into a waiting limo. They were both gorgeous and happy. Congratulations, guys! We're super happy for you!

Monday, April 02, 2007

I found Fone!

I am so excited to reconnect with my good friend Fone, who was an AFS student in Belgium when I was (ahem...10+ years ago!). I found her address and am thrilled that she wrote me back. Here's one of my favorite pictures of her (and other friends Watene(New Zealand), Carlos, and Liz(Colombia)). Woo hoo! I look forward to chatting more with her and maybe she can show us around Thailand some day...