Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hanna's sweater arrived

I finally got Hanna's sweater packed up and sent to Belgium last weekend and yesterday it arrived. Elke already posted this picture of Hanna trying it on. It's very exciting to see Hanna wearing it because I have such knitting ADD, I have a very difficult time finishing projects. I think I have about 6 things in various states of un-doneness on needles throughout the house. The sweater is big on her, which is great - hopefully it will still fit next fall when the weather gets cooler. (If not, I'll have to send her a large doll to play dress-up with =) )
I wish I could see Hanna in person, but I'm so thankful for the great blog her parents write for her.

1 comment:

Hanna said...

Thanks again for the nice sweater !!!!
Hope to meet soon.