Sunday, November 12, 2006

PEO on my birthday

My birthday was busy on Tuesday evening, when mom and grandma drove out to visit and attend my PEO meeting. Silly me, I had volunteered to co-hostess and do the program that night (about my trip to Turkey), which was a lot of work in an already crazy-hectic week. I managed to find a good excuse to not have to bake anything by ordering an assortment of Turkish food on-line. (I think some of my PEO sisters were shy about the unfamiliar cookies, halva, and Turkish delight, but my co-workers were thrilled and devoured the leftovers!) Our president Carol found a chapter guest book that hadn't been used in decades for the 3 visitors that night to sign. Amazingly, grandma had already signed the book in 1982, when she visited Chapter AY as State Organizer! It was a lot of fun, and maybe the only time our chapter will have 4 sisters who serve(d) on the state board attend on the same night!

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