Sunday, November 12, 2006

Elastic perspective

To celebrate Kyle's thesis defense, we saw the Ruberband dance group in Madison on Friday night. They were really incredible. Their dances were a mix of breakdance, ballet, hiphop and modern dance. I recognized some martial arts forms thrown in as well. The coolest thing was that some of the most hiphop/breakdance pieces were performed to classical music. Not at all what I expected, and most were very interesting. Kyle wouldn't be first in line to buy tickets to a second show, but he was a good sport and I think he may have even liked a couple of the pieces. He thought, despite their fast-paced, complex moves, they were so good they made everything look too easy. I didn't think it looked easy at all. Possibly because I can't even touch my toes. There was a talk-back session after the show which made me feel a lot better about my lack of dance knowledge. I had the feeling I wasn't fully understanding the full story behind some of the dances, but the dancers themselves admitted they were depicting relationships between people more than full story lines. Pretty cool. And Kyle actually said he'd like to continue to expand his horizons, perhaps with classical ballet next time. I'm pretty lucky to have a willing victim-oops- date.

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