Sunday, October 08, 2006

Late again

While at the Janesville library last week, I craftily talked Kyle into lending me his library card, trying to avoid the fines I knew I had on mine. I was checking out the Jump Up and Kiss Me spicy cookbook that has the recipe for my favorite "Hot" Chocolate Biscotti. Much to my dismay, I discovered the fines I had generated were on his card. Busted!

Those are now paid for, but I know that 2 books I checked out from the Milton library were due back yesterday. I'm going to turn into a library junkie, scouring southern Wisconsin for my book fix, and I won't be able to return to the same library twice because I'll have fines at them all. Kyle just shakes his head.

The biscotti, by the way, was most excellent. A co-worker I offered one to is now wary of my cooking, however. A biscotti-virgin, he was expecting a regular cookie. He seemed to feel a little embarrassment when he asked if I realized they were very hard, and then when the spice kicked in, he looked at me like I'd tricked him into eating something not edible at all. That's OK. More for me.

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