Sunday, October 29, 2006

Neighbor Kid Joke

Why are deer balls not worth very much?

Because they're under a buck!


Today, the Allied Forces fought hard to retain control of our yard. The neighbor's yard had fallen to the "Chinese" (perhaps we should be concerned about the local school system) and a bloody battle was underway for much of the morning. Thankfully, there were no civilian casualties as Kyle, Punkin, and I worked outside to prepare the yard for winter. After the battle was over, the neighbor kids informed us that the Americans won the war, so we breathed a sign of relief as we put wood chips from a recently felled tree on our perennial beds.

Old Friends

While not actually "old", Anne and Lauren are the oldest friend's I've got. I've known Anne for 16 years, and Lauren for 14. As terrible as I am at keeping in touch with people, that's impressive for me. Lauren and Eric moved back to the US from Germany this month, which I'm super-excited about. (OK, so they live in Michigan, but it still feels closer.) We met up with them in Milwaukee this weekend and drove up to visit Anne and Jay. Anne is due in 2 weeks and I still haven't knit anything for her critter. Yikes. Procrastinating again. It was awesome to see them, and it made me wish we all lived a lot closer together. I miss you guys!


While road- tripping up to see Anne with Lauren and Eric, we stopped for gas in Oshkosh. Kyle and I started chuckling at the "Elizabeth" and detailing of a rose on the rear windshield of the car ahead of us. While speculating about what type of person has their name detailed across the back of their vehicle, this gentleman exited the car. It goes without saying that laughter ensued.

Redoing the damage

Kyle and I visited the dentist Saturday morning. Although we love our dentist and drive all the way to Milwaukee for ap- pointments, we may have to reconsider. Our dentist has acquired a new torture device that felt like our teeth were being sandblasted out of our mouths. In any event, we went straight from the dentist to That Coffee Place to re-stain our bright and shiny choppers.

Knitting Night

Tuesday night, Becky and Sarah came over to knit. But shoot, I forgot to take a picture. Imagine them sitting on these couches. (Becky was on the left, Sarah on the right.) Becky is working on a very nifty hat for her mom with black yarn and colored fluff-splotches, and Sarah casted on a LOT of stitches her first-ever sweater. I finished the baby sweater for Elke's critter, so I was weaving in ends - my least favorite part. Kyle made dinner and brownies. It was a very nice evening, and I wish they lived closer so they could drop in a knit more often. It's been awhile since they've been over to visit, so I had told them to look for the "white house with three pumpkins on the front steps". I didn't realize how many white houses our street has, and 3 is apparently the preferred number of pumpkins to display. But they found us eventually, so all was well.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

White River Bike Trail

Erika is seen here showing off her new grass stain, aquired on the lovely White River bike trail that runs between Elkhorn and Burlington. She and Patrick joined us on the (thankfully) flat 11 mile trail to see the fall colors. We stopped half-way at a converted train depot for PB&J fortification. It was a perfect fall day, and a very nice trail.

Not on PETA's hit list anymore

Under justifiable threat of removal from a very frustrated Kyle, I finally cleaned out the fish tank. I discovered several interesting things. One: there was still one fish alive. Two: I like having a clean fish tank. I filled the now-clean tank with some danios and (male only!) guppeys, which are now happily swimming around. This picture is from Rotary Gardens last weekend, not our tank.

Fun with my camera

Kyle and I enjoyed the beautiful weather last weekend at Rotary Gardens. He was very patient while I pretended I was a photographer (my childhood aspiration). Here are some of my shots. My favorite is the afternoon sunlight through a giant leaf of swiss chard.Why does my garden look anything like this? Oh, right - I never take care of it past June!

Late again

While at the Janesville library last week, I craftily talked Kyle into lending me his library card, trying to avoid the fines I knew I had on mine. I was checking out the Jump Up and Kiss Me spicy cookbook that has the recipe for my favorite "Hot" Chocolate Biscotti. Much to my dismay, I discovered the fines I had generated were on his card. Busted!

Those are now paid for, but I know that 2 books I checked out from the Milton library were due back yesterday. I'm going to turn into a library junkie, scouring southern Wisconsin for my book fix, and I won't be able to return to the same library twice because I'll have fines at them all. Kyle just shakes his head.

The biscotti, by the way, was most excellent. A co-worker I offered one to is now wary of my cooking, however. A biscotti-virgin, he was expecting a regular cookie. He seemed to feel a little embarrassment when he asked if I realized they were very hard, and then when the spice kicked in, he looked at me like I'd tricked him into eating something not edible at all. That's OK. More for me.