Sunday, September 03, 2006

Punkin likes hats

I finished the "Almost Famous Luggy Bonnet" from Weekend Knitting. I love it, although it's a little big. Becky taught me how to crochet so I could finish the edge. I used cheap-o yarn from Michales since there were so many colors, and modified the pattern to have 4-row stripes instead of 2-row. (I hate weaving in ends - this was bad enough!) The stars I reknit got a little better the second time around. Still not perfect, but close enough for a hat I'll probably wear to shovel the driveway or go sledding. A male friend at work offered to buy the hat from me, so it's a hit already. (His fiance vetoed the idea, thinking the stars were a bit girly.) Now I'm ready for fall. Bring on the wind!

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