Monday, September 04, 2006


Every year, I get really excited about my garden in the spring. I weed religiously. I research new plants to add. I water. I walk outside 8 times a day to admire the plants. By late July, however, I give up and let the garden do what it will. Usually, that means the weeds take over and the perennials turn brown. Knowing this about myself, I generally don't plant vegetables, because by the time they're spitting out food, I've retreated into the house, away from the wasps and hot sun. This is my "tough love" gardening philosophy. I toughen up my plants via neglect, allowing the strong to survive. (Yeah, this is justifiable in my head, really.) This year I only put one tomato plant into the ground - an heirloom "hollow" tomato, supposedly good for stuffing, that Erika and I found at the plant show at Concordia. I abandoned it months ago, and it's taking over the perennial bed it's in, having overgrown the small cage I provided long ago. Too bad the tomatoes it produces aren't overly sweet and juicy. They'd be terrific for stuffing, I'm sure, but I don't really have any recipes for that sort of thing. I tried stuffing one with feta and olives, which was good. But I'd use regular tomatoes far more often. I've learned my lesson. Next year I'll try something less quirky.

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